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Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs is an American entrepreneur famously known as the head of world's biggest information technology company Apple. Steve was born on 24th of February in the year of 1955. His birthplace is San Francisco, California.


Since childhood he was different from other kids at school. After school he used to go to Hewlett - Packard Company lectures to gain extra knowledge. He even got selected there in young age as a summer intern. There he happened to meet Steve Wozniak.

After his high school got over, he got admitted in Reed College situated at Portland, Oregon. But he didn't continue there for more than one semester after which he dropped out and came back to California where he started working as a technical assistant in a games developing company. He and Wozniak worked together there. There they developed in assembling a circuit of a computer together and selling it. Both of them liked the idea and thus Apple was founded in 1976. The other founding members were Mike Markkula and Ronald Wayne.

Their idea was an instant hit. In just five years they were a very big company hiring top executives from all top companies. They had got a CEO from National Semiconductor, and the story of absorbing John Scully from PepsiCo is a famous story. In 1984, Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh series of computers. They were the first computers with a mouse navigated system and a graphical user interface. The people who were there are the presentation were simply frenzy and awestruck. It was a wildfire commercial success. Steve was always enthusiastic and quite moody. Thus several of his employees had tough time synchronizing with him.

Later half of 80s showed an industry wide drought in sales. Thus Apple too, was stretched. Several employees were dismissed and dropped off. Even Scully's and Steve's relations were so strained that Scully got the board to agree to the fact that Steve Jobs should give up his position as the head. Eventually Jobs too was dismissed from Apple.

He didn't stop there. He went on to find another computer company called NeXT Computer which worked on its unique platform. Meanwhile he also co-founded Pixar Animation Studios which made animated films. NeXT did superb and even Pixar created some excellent movies like Cars, Shrek, Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Wall - E, etc. Steve was back on picture again in early nineties. In 2004, Disney took over the Pixar studios at a price of $7.4 billion and Steve today also serves as a board member of Walt Disney Company.

NeXT success, tempted Apple to merge it in and eventually Steve jobs was called on his seat back as the head of Apple. He made a stunning comeback by introducing iPod - the portable music player, iPhone - the smartphone and iPad - the tablet computer. Today these three gadgets have created a history in the electronics industry. The work of Steve Jobs and his contribution in these gadgets' development will be remembered for ages. Today he is almost on the verge of retiring from his post as the chairman of Apple Inc and his net worth is over $6.1 billion. His wife is Laurene Powell and is a father of 4 kids.

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