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Information Design, Inc. (IDI) product sales, consulting services, software design and development, training, technical support, messaging middleware, integration.
Jungo: residential gateway software, automotive connectivity middleware,USB software, PCI software, driver development tools, embedded USB and USB testing software.
Middleware Associates was founded in January, 2004, as an enterprise security consulting firm specializing in middleware integration of enterprise access control systems to HR databases and other applications.
NMA provides network middleware application solutions with standards-compliant two-factor authentication and authorization, allowing saas architects to build webservices sans target (SaaS-ST).
Quazal - Middleware and Consulting Services for Game Development
Learn about recursion software products and solutions including scada systems notification alarm, middleware software, and mobile device computing.
ReplicaNet is an object oriented C++ library that is engineered to help the developer of applications that require a stable and low maintenance middleware solution to networking